What You Will Need.



– Photo I.D.
– Social Sec. cards or ITIN (Individual Tax ID #) for ALL family members
– All W-2’s & 1099’s (including those received for Unemployment)
– Tuition or Student interest (1098T, 1098E), Tuition Activity Stmt, Book Expenses
– Health Insurance Information for you and your dependents.   *Bring year-end pay stubshowing $$ from pay for medical insurance.
– Mortgage Interest and Property Taxes Statements
– Other forms related to taxes (Did you buy a car? a house? sell stock?)
– Copies of prior year tax returns (if you have)

For each dependent bring:

  • Social security card and date of birth
  • Proof of childcare or dependent care expenses

Senior Citizens or Those with Disabilities:

  • If Owner of Property – Paid Real Estate tax receipt
  • If Renter – Letter from Landlord with landlord’s address & phone.  Letter must include taxpayer’s name; rental address and amount of rent paid
  • Form SSA-1099 (shows social security received in tax year)
  • Proof of Disability such as Medicare card or SSI Letter
  • Retirees/Pensioners – Year-end pay stub from pension/annuity payments Or other docs showing how much you paid for medical/dental/vision insurance

For Direct Deposit – Copy of check that shows Routing & Account Number

  •  Electronic Filing Only

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